About Water Treatment Processes

Water Treatment Processes was created by a process engineer in the water industry. I worked in a start-up company for years, constantly battling to find information without having established resources. From this, it became clear that there was a need for a website with all information around water treatment processes combined into one place.

This website is here to help you understand water treatment processes: from membranes to gravel filters, and from wastewater to drinking water. You can also find links to further resources and scientific papers to support the articles.

About the author

Our author, Bas, is a process engineer in the water industry, experienced in working with RO and FO membrane treatment, as well as different water filtration systems. He has worked for a startup for a number of years, building and testing membrane treatment systems for water reclamation from sewage using Forward Osmosis. His academic background is in Mechanical Engineering (BSc) and Chemical Engineering / Sustainability Engineering (MSc).

Bas started writing chemical engineering related articles in 2022, when he realised that there was a lot of conflicting and incorrect information on the internet, after having struggled for years trying to find suitable academic publications and other information online.